Our Core Values

    Client Focus
    Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Achievement Orientation
    Fiscal Accountability

Our Business Principles

1. Our clients’ interests always come first. If we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.

2. We do our best to constantly justify our reputation for quality. Our clients tell us that our people, products and services have differentiated our company over the long term. This reputation for quality over time is a very important part of our company’s character and history of success. Accordingly, we will do what is necessary to ensure high quality in all aspects of our business and, importantly, we will not cut corners at the expense of sound long-term development of our products, services, operations, execution risk-management systems, or people.

3. The people who represent our company every day do so with integrity. We strive to comport ourselves in a manner that conforms to the highest standards of ethical behavior, integrity and honesty. We instill a strong culture of compliance throughout our company.

4. We are entrepreneurs who value innovation and see creativity as a hallmark of our business. In our industry, no good idea stays small for very long and some can rapidly transform the competitive landscape. In this context, we strive to quickly adapt and innovate when opportunities emerge that offer potential to provide compelling value to our clients.

5. A strong achievement orientation is critical to our success. The continuously evolving needs of our clients, the increasing complexity of electronic systems and the intensifying competitive landscape all place a premium on discipline, speed, and nimbleness. We rely upon each other to exemplify these attributes and work together toward the shared objective of "winning the right way."

6. We are disciplined in our approach to our work. It is essential for us to be well prepared through continuous professional training and education. This will serve us well in terms of both demonstrating consistent industry thought leadership and operating within constantly evolving industry standards.

7. We are accountable for our company’s financial resources. We deploy and manage capital provided by our investors and bankers in a manner that responsibly balances risks with expected favorable returns over time.

8. We remember to enjoy our work and enhance our professional experiences through a sense of responsibility. We’re fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and rewarding business. We encourage a positive environment and experience for all of our people and their families. We pursue our professional activities with vigor while remembering to remain humble, to value diversity, and to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

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Thotaka Tekhnologies India Private Ltd

# 36-46/2, Plot No:486,
Above HDFC Bank
Defence Colony
Secunderabad - 500 094

Sales: +91 7382381537, +91 9940054253

Phone: (091) 40 64606862
Fax: (091) 40 27110112
Email: enquiries@thotakaa.com

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