The hardware and communications laboratory is a dedicated facility for test and debug of digital, analog hardware and communication systems. The laboratory features state of the art instrumentation that allows an engineer a deep-view of the system under consideration.The laboratory possesses the following infrastructure:

  • Agilent  Spectrum  Analyzer  10Hz  to  13.6  GHz  with  full  vector signal analysis and digital demodulation capability
  • Agilent  RF  Vector  Signal  Generator  9KHz  to  6  GHz  with  Analog, Pulse and Digital Modulation capability
  • Agilent Microwave Vector Network Analyzer upto 9 GHz
  • Tektronix DSO upto 350 MHz , 4 Channel and 16 Logic channels
  • Agilent DSO upto 1 GHz, Dual Channel with Deep Memory
  • Agilent  30V ,  6A  Precision  triple  output  programmable  350W power supplies
  • Agilent  +/-  25V,  1A  and  5V-6A,  80  W  triple  output programmable power supplies 

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