Thotaka has teamed up with the best minds in RF Communications to provide a boutique of services and products in this domain. RF Communications is a key focus vertical for Thotaka with significant emphasis on delivering on complex challenges  required in the domain. Some of the areas of Expertise are:


  • Digitally Tunable filters deployed in realization of a broadband Radio operating in the bands HF through L- Band and particularly essential in Frequency Hopping systems to limit the operating bandwidth of the Radio.
  • Power Amplifier design for frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 3 GHz with a power output of 1 KW Pulse in HF-VHF-UHF, 150 Watts Pulse in L-Band, 1 KW CW in HF, 100 Watts CW in L- Band 50 Watts CW in S- Band
  • Co-location solution with integration of multiple Digitally Tuned Filters, Power amplifiers (medium power and high power), High power fast acting solid state switches and power supply circuits. These units are installed where antennas of multiple Radio systems are installed on one mast in a small area causing interference two or more radios. The Co-Location system enables simultaneous operation of multiple radios (as high as 16) with in a small area
  • Waveform development for SDR Applications
  • Development of IF Modems that act as transparent Ethernet bridges

Thotakã has been developing niche consumer device products utilizing the latest advances in the processor architecture. Thotaka has developed and delivered handheld, wearable devices with ultra low-power consumption built on the industry leading ARM architecture, these designs stand apart from the competition with the following features:

  • Intelligent Power Management: A single charge can run the device for days
  • Rich User Interfaces: Developed in QT/E, J2ME and Android based on a On-Device Portal framework
  • Minimal Interfaces: Based on simpler displays such as 1.5" or LED's, these intuitive interfaces require minimal user interaction
  • Ultra-small form-factor: Some of the designs are just a square inch and feature a 400 MHz processor, Gigabytes of storage, Bluetooth and a miniature battery

Target Offerings

  • Multimedia entertainment devices
  • Handheld Transaction Terminals
  • Digital Signage controllers
  • Portable Medical Instruments
  • Point-of-Sale Terminals

Thotaka has been working on network equipment ranging from essential networking capability for industrial devices to dedicated network infrastructure in the form of gigabit Ethernet switches and routers. Thotaka has also developed WiFi products such as broadband access points and industrial WiFi system with on-chip stack. Thotaka has been working closely with industry leading network processor manufacturers to bring the benefits of advances in technology to our clients. Our work in network equipment is in the following areas:


• High bandwidth switch fabrics
• Gigabit routers with Linux and custom BSD Operating Systems
• Wireless access points for broadband deployment
• Compression and Encryption accelerators

Target Networking Offerings

• Unified Threat Management Devices
• Backbone Switches and Routers
• Wireless Routers & Access points
• WAN Optimization appliances

Industrial Electronics is a focus area for Thotaka. Thotaka has delivered numerous products for industrial control systems. These systems are an integration of hardware and complex firmware with specific focus on reliable industrial instrumentation. Thotaka has expertise in the following:


  • Communicatiion using Industrial bus protocols such as RS232, RS485, HART and Zigbee
  • Isolated Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs and custom interface cards
  • Programmable and scriptable controllers
  • Failover and hot-swappable I/O card based systems

Target Industrial Offerings

  • SCADA systems
  • Automation Controllers
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Human-machine Interfaces
  • Industrial Display Controllers
  • Handheld Transaction Terminals

Thotaka leverages its expertise in embedded systems to provide bespoke solutions for rugged electronics that satisfy MIL-SPEC and other extreme environmental stress conditions. These solutions are tailor made to handle complex challenges in rugged computing that involves rugged electronics design and specialist Industrial Design. On the software front Thotaka has leveraged its firmware development expertise to develop complete Board Support Package and protocol stacks for proprietary security SoC's to be used by Defense forces. Some of the key features of the rugged electronics design offering are:

  • Rugged and MIL-STD compliant chassis design complying to various back-plane standards
  • Rugged electronics for use in harsh environments such as in geological explorations
  • Development of standards compliant SBC cards in rugged and conduction-cooled form-factors
  • Design and integration of complex communication systems
  • Development of fail-safe firmware complying to various MIL standards
  • Development of peripheral hardware conforming to various MIL standards
  • Design of dummy-proof Human-Machine-Interfaces(HMI) for interaction with devices
  • Design of bare-metal firmware for proprietary SoC devices
  • Porting of Operating Systems and Software Stacks for proprietary SoC devices

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