Thotaka has teamed up with the best minds in RF Communications to provide a boutique of services and products in this domain. RF Communications is a key focus vertical for Thotaka with significant emphasis on delivering on complex challenges  required in the domain. Some of the areas of Expertise are:


  • Digitally Tunable filters deployed in realization of a broadband Radio operating in the bands HF through L- Band and particularly essential in Frequency Hopping systems to limit the operating bandwidth of the Radio.
  • Power Amplifier design for frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 3 GHz with a power output of 1 KW Pulse in HF-VHF-UHF, 150 Watts Pulse in L-Band, 1 KW CW in HF, 100 Watts CW in L- Band 50 Watts CW in S- Band
  • Co-location solution with integration of multiple Digitally Tuned Filters, Power amplifiers (medium power and high power), High power fast acting solid state switches and power supply circuits. These units are installed where antennas of multiple Radio systems are installed on one mast in a small area causing interference two or more radios. The Co-Location system enables simultaneous operation of multiple radios (as high as 16) with in a small area
  • Waveform development for SDR Applications
  • Development of IF Modems that act as transparent Ethernet bridges

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