The Client:

The customer is a Government of India Defense laboratory developing secure ASIC with instruction set similar to  ADSP-218x.

The Need:

The customer developed a proprietary secure Microcontroller with instruction set similar to ADSP-218x. Amongst the first application of the new SoC was a secure handheld device that authenticated using an I-Button interface. The client required hand-held form factor hardware with display and keypad, BSP and a proprietary application.

Challenges & Requirements:

1. The SoC was similar in architecture and instruction-set to ADSP but had significant differences.
2. It was required as a part of the project that VisualDSP++ IDE is adapted to work with the SoC.
3. The SoC did not have any proven code written in 'C' while all the application development was to be in 'C' Our Solution:

Thotakã designed a hand-held device using the new SoC and pairing it with a small FPGA for I/O expansion in order to drive a 16x2 character LCD and a Keypad. The firmware team wrote a new set of basic C libraries that co-existed in the VisualDSP++ environment and allowed application development. The firmware along with a boot monitor and a  proprietary application interfacing the display, keypad and I-Button was developed completely using the VisualDSP++ IDE.

Benefits & Outcome:

1. Thotaka's SoC architecture team conversant with multiple processor architectures and DSP quickly understood the new SoC architecture and its instruction set.
2. The bare metal BSP team developed the requisite basic 'C' libraries required for further application development and integrated the same into VisualDSP++ IDE.
3. The hardware engineering team designed and delivered a compact palm sized 8 layer board complete with the processor, the FPGA and the associated peripherals.
4. The application firmware team developed the API and the application for all the board peripherals in a short span of 2 months.
5. The complete hand-held device was delivered to the customer in a fast turnaround time of seven months.

Thotakã delivered the secure hand-held devices to the customer that satisfied all the specification within a span of seven months.

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