The Client

The client is the subsidiary of a leading telecommunication infrastructure provider in India.

The Need

The client wanted to develop a unique SNMP addressable NFC based access control system for its new line of space-saving telecommunication towers to be deployed across the country in India.

Challenges & Requirements

1. The devices should be compact, IP65 qualified and available in two variants:(a) controller and reader integrated in a single device and(b) controller and reader as separate devices.
2. The device should have SNMPv2 based interface to key access control metrics.
3. The device should have a mechanism for secure over the network firmware upgrade, remote over-ride of access rights, remote incremental update of access card database
4. API and a sample server application for access-card provisioning were to be developed as a part of the deliverable.

Our Solution

Thotakã designed a NFC access control device using a 400MHz ARM926-ejs core based SoC and a SPI interfaced NFC controller. The NFC controller vendor provided bare-metal NFC stack was ported on embedded Linux. An SSHv2 based over-the-network firmware as well as card database upgrade system was developed. The API and sample desktop application were developed to demonstrate all the functions.

Benefits & Outcome

1. Thotaka's hardware team effectively architected a stack-able dual board design than allowed dual variants of the product
2. The experienced firmware team quickly integrated the bare-metal NFC stack from the vendor onto the target GNU\Linux
3. In-house networking and mobility expertise ensure correct architecture and implementation of SNMPv2 and over-the-network upgrade capability into the device
4. Thotakã partnered with experienced Industrial Designers to develop a compact IP65 compliant enclosure for the product.

Thotakã delivered the Rugged NFC Access Controller to the customer that satisfied all the specification within a span of 32 weeks.

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