The Client:

The client is a leading provider of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry across the world.

The Need:

Develop a "Healthcare Digital Assistant" device that helps seniors and people requiring constant care.

Challenges & Requirements:

1. The device needs to be simple with features that can be adapted to a diversity of healthcare assistance requirements
2. It should be seniors friendly
3. The device should be friendly for use by people with motor disabilities
4. It should feature GSM/GPRS based communication interfaces
5. The on-device software should feature configurability for custom workflows. 

Our Solution:

Thotakã designed and delivered a complete device featuring a J2ME On Device portal. Thotakã also delivered custom interfaces based on encrypted sockets to enable secure data communication where the J2ME profiles where not sufficient. The On Device portal architecture enabled custom workflows, fast HTML like language based screen design, rich themes and skins. The hardware featured a smartphone like architecture based on PXA270 microprocessor and dedicated a AVR sensor controller for proprietary sensor data acquisition.

The final solution is a very usable healthcare accessory that delivered the maximum utility with minimum interaction and was friendly for seniors. The solution was eventually adapted for clinical trials as well.

Benefits & Outcome

1. Expertise on Linux device drivers, embedded middle-ware ensured that the solution is delivered with a fast turnaround time
2. Thotakã worked with industry partners to jointly deliver a very innovative and aesthetic industrial design.
3. Expertise on server-side integration using standard architectures such as SOAP, REST and Web methods helped in fast product integration with cloud services
4. Efficient project management by Thotakã ensured that nitty-gritty detail from interviews with domain experts in the healthcare industry were packaged into a realizable product.

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