The Client:

The client is an Indian Defense laboratory specializing in development of RADARs.

The Need:

The client required to develop an Image Processing card with a Quad Core CPU + GPU for use in a particular home-land security RADAR application. The client needed the platform with the required interfaces to be delivered in a short span of 16 weeks in conformance with stringent Environmental Stress Screening (ESS).

Challenges & Requirements:

1. Time: The first cards were to be delivered in just 16 weeks with all the testing done in an accredited laboratory.
2. The card was required to have high speed interfaces: 2x USB HOST, Gigabit Ethernet, CSI and LVDS Display interfaces.
3. Test firmware along with API to access the GPU, Audio and other multi-media functions was to be provided and demonstrated
4. Both WinCE7.0 and GNU\Linux 3.x with QT ports were to be provided.

Our Solution:

Thotakã designed the card using the Quad Core ARM-Cortex A9 SoC with all the required interfaces. All the five cards to be delivered were tested for key ESS criteria such as operation from -10 to +55 degrees centigrade and complied successfully. The firmware team delivered the requisite BSP on both WinCE 7.0 and GNU\Linux 3.x with QT port.

Benefits & Outcome:

1. Thotakã’s hardware team effectively used their prior experience on Quad Core Cortex-A9 to deliver a 12 layer card in a record duration of 12 weeks.
2. The firmware team with experience on the processor under consideration delivered the BSP with the required API for both WinCE 7.0 and GNU\Linux 3.x in time.
3. The complete system was delivered almost 4 weeks in advance to conduct ESS tests at accredited laboratory.

Thotakã delivered the Image processing card to the customer that satisfied all the specification within a span of just 16 weeks complete with ESS testing done.

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