Work on a product at Thotaka starts when a customer approaches us with a broad concept, sometimes it is unique, sometimes it is one of many such products in the market or in making elsewhere. The concept may be expressed in a few lines or is elaborate with mock-up drawings and function description.

The concept-to-specification process at Thotaka is end-user oriented.

The first step at Thotaka is to create a product data-sheet/brochure as the end-customer would prefer it. This is followed by creating a user-manual that describes the functions of the product to the end-user. We spend significant time analyzing products in the market and design literature to arrive at these. We identify the design language so that it makes sense in the context of its positioning in the market place as well ensure the positioning fits our clients product portfolio.

The second step is to architect the product. This step involves identifying components that achieve the product functionality. There are fundamentally three types of components: 1. Hardware components 2. Software Components and 3. Industrial Design Components. This stage thus results in creating architecture documents for the same. Apart from identifying components these documents also bring-out the design rules, constraints and inter-dependencies. Example of hardware components could be a particular application processor or a codec to be used. Example of software components could be the UI framework such as QT/E or Android. Example of Industrial design components is the type of finish, the material to be used etc. Example of a design rule could be board-keepout area, Bill-of-Material(BoM) is a common constraint for most products.

The third step is to derive the developer specifications for the product from architecture. The developer specifications are split into three portions: 1. Hardware Specifications 2. Software Specifications and 3. Industrial Design Specifications. Together these constitute the System-Requirement-Specifications(SRS). It is contractually binding upon Thotaka to deliver a system that conforms to the SRS. Any change to the specification will result in a change request(CR) that has time,material and monetary impact.

The specification is a detailed document and is a Bible to the developers. Developers adhere to the specification in letter and spirit while developing the product.

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