Thotaka’s range of Embedded Linux Services include porting, writing device drivers and board support packages (BSP), linux application and middleware development, apart from  architecting products on various ARM, PowerPC and x86 platforms. Thotaka's linux engineering team offers best-in-class expertise on Embedded Linux for product development of the highest quality with innovation.

Thotaka’s range of Embedded Linux services include:

    Embedded Linux base porting
        Developing, Porting secure and custom bootloaders for various architecture platforms
        Multi-media and Graphics accelerators driver and hook development
        Peripheral Integration for various type of high-speed interfaces using standard mechanism such as IIO

    Embedded Linux Application Development
        Porting of various display systems such as X11, QT-framebuffer to various embedded platforms
        Porting and integrating of various open source applications
        Media framework customization using Gstreamer,OpenGL, OpenCV and standard Linux Media player interfaces
        Multi-Media streaming server / client applications
        Applications for head-less devices
        Sqlite and flatfile database based application
        Java Embedded based development and porting JRE to the processor platform

    Embedded Linux Performance Optimization
        Complete System profiling to tune the components to bring out the best performance while removing bottlenecks

    Testing and Validation
        Verification and validation using Gperf, LTP, GNU\Expect etc.

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