Thotaka has expertise on a variety of application processors and sensor peripherals that make-up a typical digital system. The following are a few processors that Thotaka has worked on:

Application Processors:

  •  ARM7: Atmel AT91SAM7S, NXP LPC2294
  •  ARM9: Atmel AT91SAM9261, Freescale: i.MX233, i.MX287, i.MX257
  •  ARM11: Freescale i.MX31
  •  ARM Cortex A8: Texas Instruments: OMAP 3530, Freescale: i.MX51, i.MX53
  •  ARM Cortex-A9: STMicro : Spear 1310, Free scale: i.MX6x
  •  PowerPC: Freescale e300 and e6500 Cores

Digital Signal Processors: Texas Instruments:TMS320F2812, TMSC6727

FPGA’s : Xilinx Spartan 6, Virtex 5  and newer Series 7 series. 

Sensors: iMEMS Accelerometers, iMEMS Gyros, Freescale Pressure Sensors, Temperature and Shock sensors with 16,20 bit ADC.

System Wireline Communication Protocols: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB

Standard Wireless Communication Protocols: Zigbee, Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g

Stack Bus: cPCI, PCI, PCI-Express, VME64x.                 


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