Thotaka has extensive capability in the hardware design space with expertise on Signal Integrity, analog simulation, thermal analysis. The following describes the offering:

Mentor Graphics HyperLynx suite of tools are used to address various signal integrity related issues, the following analysis is done as part of the signal integrity analysis process

Analog Simulation

The following is achieved as a part of analog simulation:

  • Noise and stress analysis
  • Basic DC, frequency, and time-domain analysis
  • DC, AC, Transient, Parametric Sweeps
  • Worst Case and Sensitivity analysis
  • Advanced parametric sweeps and Monte Carlo analysis
  • Support languages include SPICE, VHDL, Verilog, Verilog-A, VHDL–AMS & Verilog AMS

HyperLynx Analog with EZwave are used for analog simulation process.

Pre-Layout Analysis

This is a predictive analysis phase wherein Signal-Integrity and EMC problems are predicted early for corrective action. Routing constraints, stack-up topologies, device speeds and net terminations are specified before the layout, the following are done as a part of the pre-layout analysis with the tool:

  • Graphically create a topology (signal path, drivers, and receivers models)
  • Perform various "what-if" simulations by varying trace geometry, board characteristics, temperature, voltage, data rate, connectors, buffers, and terminations parameters
  • Select parameters that will best meet the design constraints
  • Form the simulation results (waveforms and spectrum result display), analyze reflections, distortions, crosstalk, and electromagnetic compliance

HyperLynx LineSim is used for various pre-layout analysis configurations. The tool allows for easy instantiation any mixture of HSPICE, ELDO, AMS, S-parameter, IBIS models. The HyperLynx LineSim tool offers a 18,000 IC model library, We also a maintains a custom library with many more models built from the datasheets.

Post-Layout Analysis

This is a corrective analysis phase wherein Signal-Integrity and EMC problems are for corrective action. The following is executed as a part of the post-layout analysis chain:

  • Import Physical net topologies and stack-up information from layout
  • Create impedance models of complex board traces for each segment, including vias
  • Identify the optimal termination values, Identify and locate Pin delays
  • Set error limits including minimum and maximum delay values and overshoot/undershoot limits for each net, Flags signals that oscillate around receiver input thresholds
  • For cross-talk identify combinations of aggressor and victim nets
  • Extract electromagnetic coupling parameters from cross-sectional data using a fast boundary-element field solver, Generate summaries of trace impedance, signal propagation delays and capacitance and inductance coupling matrices
  • Include driver IC reflection effects, Accurately simulates both short- and long-wire crosstalk

HyperLynx BoardSim is used for post-layout analysis. BoardSim comes with a 7000 component library including IC, ferrite bead and connector models. An In-house library is maintained a custom library with many more models built from the datasheets.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is a critical phase especially in mil-grade system and systems expected to work in extreme weather conditions. The following are provided as a part of the thermal analysis offering:

  • 3D modeling of conduction, convection, and radiation on boards upto 3000 components
  • Fast calculation of junction temperatures
  • Proven +/-10% accuracy in comparison to wind tunnel tests, and infrared image tests
  • Deploys Finite difference schemes with self-adaptive locally refined meshes
  • Model Effects of gravity, air pressures, and flow directions
  • Create board temperature map to understand temperature issues
  • Identify thermal stress via temperature gradients

HyperLynx Thermal is used for thermal analysis. Thermal analysis is especially useful in reducing environmental stress caused failures in the field.


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