Thotaka provides third-party review services for companies that wish to review a specific piece of hardware or software. Review can be conducted at various milestones of a new product development or even of an existing product for certain bespoke requirements. The following are the third-party review services provided by Thotaka:

Software Review:

  •  Review of coding discipline
  •  Review of code security
  •  Review of code optimization for a particular embedded architecture
  •  Review of compliance against coding standards
  •  Review of accuracy and sufficiency of inline documentation
  •  Review of code for portability
  •  Review of code for compliance to modeling methodologies
  •  Review of code for API conformance
  •  Review of code for safe debug and testability
  •  Review of code for re-use and re-engineering
  •  Review of version discipline

 Hardware Review:

  •  Review of schematics and Layout for discipline
  •  Review of schematics for EMI/EMC compliance and Protection at design level
  •  Review of schematics for version discipline and in-design comments
  •  Review of schematics for layout guideline inference
  •  Review of layout for adherence to routing guidelines
  •  Review of layout against best practices
  •  Review of layout for Environmental Stress Screening and EMI/EMC criteria
  •  Review of layout for size optimization
  •  Review of layout for manufacture-ability
  •  Review of the hardware design for serviceability
  •  Review of BoM for longevity/obsolescence of components
  •  Review of BoM for cost optimization

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