Thotaka has access to the best experts in Radio System Engineering. Thotaka has designed and delivered high data-rate QPSK, QAM and FSK modems, built IF Frontends and integrate with up/down convertors and Power Amplifiers.

Thotaka manufactures Power Amplifiers, Digitally Tunable Filters as an OEM offering

Areas of Expertise:

  • Complete Modem Hardware and Software design
  • Design of IF Frontends with bandwidth selection, group delay equalizers and baseband passive filters
  • Design of digitally tunable filters with custom resonator construction
  • Design and Porting of digital filters, equalizers, carrier-tracking, symbol recovery, FEC and symbol to bits logic in FPGA
  • New generation modem design using SoC-FPGA  leveraging multi-core ARM and FPGA fabric
  • Radio design using COTS ASIC from Analog Devices, Freescale and Texas Instruments and others for both proprietary and standards (Zigbee, WiFi etc) compliant radios
  • Co-Location solutions for Ship-Borne, Airborne and Land based systems
  • Software Defined Radio design, Waveform Design

DTF Design Capability

  • Frequency Range: (0.960 – 1.240) GHz and (0.250 – 0.500) GHz
  • Variation pattern of the center frequency:  Stepwise
  • Filter performance
    • Passband loss: 6dB (Typ)
    • Attenuation of the filtered band: 50dB
    • Power durability: 27 dBm

Power Amplifier Design Capability

The following are the key specifications for PA Designs

  • Frequency range  :  1 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Operating Bands   :  HF, VHF, UHF, L-Band, S-Band
  • Bandwidth     :  1.5 to 30 MHz, 20-100 MHz, 30-406 MHz, 100-400 MHz, 100-500 MHz, 500-1000 MHz, 960-1240 MHz, 2.2 to 2.5 GHz
  • Class of operation  :  Class AB Linear, Class C
  • Signal Formats    :  CW, Pulse, AM, FM, Digital Mod
  • Pulse Characteristics  :  Pulse Width up to 480 Micro Sec in HF, 2 Micro Sec in L-Band
  • Power Output    :  1 KW Pulse in HF, VHF& UHF 150 Watts Pulse in L-Band, 1 KW CW in HF, 100 Watts CW in L- Band 50 Watts CW in S- Band
  • Power Supply    :  24 V DC or 230 V AC, 1 Ph, 50Hz
  • Configuration of PA  :  Modules or 19” Rack mountable or Customized form factor
  • Operating Temperature  :  -40 degC to +65 degC
  • Salient Features:
    • Interface for PA Control/ Configuration
    • Display and Keyboard
    • Protection features built in for Load VSWR, Thermal and RF Input Over Drive.
    • Optional Built In Test source and Diagnosis

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